Brief of Dr. Markandey Rai

Dr. Markandey Rai is currently the Senior Advisor of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), after his retirement as the Chief of the U.N. Inter-Agency Coordination, Global Parliamentarians and Trade Unions programme of UN-HABITAT based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has served UN-HABITAT on various positions in the last twenty two (22) years of his service to the United Nations. He was recruited in 1992 to develop Urban and City Statistics. He was pioneer for establishing Global Urban Observatories and publications of the Compendium of Human Settlement Statistics and Atlas periodically. He is Ph.D. in Statistics and has taught in many universities before joining UN-HABITAT in January 1992. He has represented UN staff at Nairobi (UNON) in various capacities for many years and he was elected President of the Nairobi Staff Union 2000-2003. He was also the Chairperson of the Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) at Nairobi to advise the Heads of the UN offices at Nairobi (UNON) on the matters of the staff administration and welfare. He has written and published several academic and scientific papers as well as publications of UN books related to urban issues. He has widely travelled and attended several conferences of scientific as well as of political nature. As focal point for the Asia-Pacific region and also for India in UN-HABITAT, he achieved to organize a ministers forum for Asia-Pacific countries in December 2006 in New Delhi successfully and India became the Chairperson and permanent secretariat was established in New Delhi. He is life member and elected office bearer of several academic, cultural and social bodies in the world. Dr. Rai was the President of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) in Nairobi of Kenya chapter. His biography was published in the 14th edition of Marquis Who’s Who in the World in 1997.

He has been honored with “Hind Rattan Award” in January 2006 in New Delhi. He is an “Ambassador for Peace” conferred by the Global Peace Foundation in March 2009. He has also been recognized for meritorious achievements by several prestigious forums and organizations internationally including International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England; Global Peace Foundation as a member of the Global Leadership Council and elected Board member of the Global Peace Youth Corps (GPYC), Africa. He has been awarded Humanity Achievers Award 2014 and he has been appointed Senior Advisor to International Ecological Safety Collaboration Organization and Deputy Director of the international Ecological Safety Evaluation Institution in Beijing, China. Recently in March 2017, at Global Peace Convention of GPF in Manila, Dr. Rai was elected the President of Global Peace and Development Service Alliance (GPDSA).

He has honors to address a number of Parliaments and Global Parliamentarian’s forums. He is holding many prestigious and honorary positions in India and abroad and focusing mainly on Sustainable Urbanization, Youth and Women empowerment through Youth Vocational and Leadership programmes.

He is currently the Chairman of an accreditation board of BMO of NABET under Quality Council of India 

Markandey Rai, Ph. D
Senior Advisor
P.O. Box-67553, Nairobi, Kenya