List of Publications

1. Estimation of the parameters of some non-normal distributions, proceeding of seminar on "probability and Statistical Inference", Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Poona, Pune, February 6-9, 1978.

2. Methods of Point Estimation: A Historical Review, Proceedings of Seminar on Recent Development of the Techniques of Population Analysis and Statistical Inference, Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India, October 21-23, 1982.

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6. Cement Manufacturing in Bihar - A Statistical Analysis, Indian Society for Theory of Probability and its Application (Abstract), Vol. 2(1-2), September 1984.

7. Factor Substitution and Technological Change in Iron and Steel Industry of Bihar, 72 Annual Conference of India Science Congress Association, January 3-6, 1985.

8. Paper presented in the Conference on Statistics, Earth and Space Sciences at Leuven -Belgium from August 22-26, 1989. On "Mathematical Model for Rainfall Data in Kenya.

9. Paper presented in the Eighth International Conference on Mathematical and Computer Modelling from April 1-4, 1991 in the University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland U.S.A. "On A Bivariate Compound Poison Model".

10. Reports on Graphic Presentation on Basic Human Settlements Statistics", UNCHS (HABITAT), 1991.

11 Compendium of Human Settlements Statistics 1995 - UN publication.

12. Wall charts Human Settlements Conditions in Countries and Cities.

13. Habitat Atlas - Graphic Presentation of Basic Human Settlements Statistics.

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17. Urban Indicators for Managing Cities, Cities and Regions Journal of SCORUS

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24. Monitoring the Implementation of the Habitat Agenda: The Global Urban Observatory, Regional Arab Conference and Training of Trainers, 22-25 April 2001 Cairo, Egypt

25. Compendium of Human Settlements Statistics 2001, Co-author with UNSD

26. Business Plan for SCORUS to make it a full section

27. Monitoring Habitat Agenda and Millennium Development Goals, Proceeding of the 24th Biennial Conference of SCORUS of ISI, May 2004

28. Indicators for Monitoring the Habitat Agenda and Millennium development Goals, Proceeding of the 55th Session of ISI, Sydney, Australia, April 2005

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31. Role of Women Groups in Conservation of Degraded Environment by Re-vegetation in Kenya: A Case Study, Proceeding of the 94th Session of the Indian   Science Congress, 3-7 January 2007

32. Globalization from the UN Perspective, Computational, Mathematical and Statistical Methods (CMASM 2007), the Fourteenth International Conference of the Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics, 6-8 January 2007.

33. Providing Scientific Information for Environmental Decision Making: Need for a Paradigm Shift, Computational, Mathematical and Statistical Methods (CMASM 2007), the Fourteenth International Conference of the Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics, 6-8 January 2007.

34. Personality Transformation and Innovative Management ,Ramakrishna-Vivekananda International Foundation’s Congress, 12-13 January 2007

35. Vision for Sustainable Urbanization in Bihar 2020, Global Meet for a Resurgent Bihar, Patna, 19-21 January 2007.

36. Challenge of Slum Upgrading in Asia-Pacific Region to Achieve MDG’s, proceeding of the 56th Session of ISI in Lisbon, Portugal, 2007

37. Challenge of Developing the Human Environment Index, proceeding of the 56th session of ISI in Lisbon, Portugal 2007

38. Global Partnership Initiative (GPI) , International Youth Forum, Benghazi, Libya

39. Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development and Aid Effectiveness:Special focus on Climate Change, Poverty Reduction and Food Security, Nairobi Kenya, 26-28 August 2008 organized by AWEPA

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42. Sustainable Development in the context of Rapid Urbanization, 57th session of International Statistical Institute, Durban, south Africa, 16-22 August 2009,

43. Climate Change, Food Security and Development, EU Presidency Seminar on Promoting African-European Parliamentary Dialogue on Climate, Food Security and Development, Stockholm, 19-21 August 2009.

44. The Role of Young Leaders in Achieving UN Millennium Development Goals and Peace Building in Africa, International Young Leaders Summit by the Universal Peace Convention, at UNON Nairobi , 19-21 March 2009.

45. Global Peace Service Alliance Partnership with UN-HABITAT for Peace and Development, Global peace Convention on Peace Building 2009, Manila, Philippines, December 10-14 2009

46. Empowering Partnership and Youth in an International Service Corps through Partnership with the UN System for Service, Peace and Development, Global Peace Convention, Manila, Philippines, 10-14 December 2009

47. Levels and Trends of Carbon dioxide Emissions, Proceedings of the IAOS Conference on Official Statistics and the Environment: approaches, issues, challenges and linkages, Santiago, Chile, 20-22 October 2010

48. Climate Change and Human Settlements, Proceedings of the IAOS Conference on Official Statistics and the Environment: approaches, issues, challenges and linkages, Santiago, Chile, 20-22 October 2010

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50. Addressing Critical Issues, Vision of Peace for Africa, Universal Peace Federation, New York, 2010, ISBN 978-1-930549-71-5.  

51. Cooperation on Energy, Transportation and Environment for East Asia Peace and Security, The Global Peace Convention Korea on Peace Building in East Asia and Unification of the Korean Peninsula; November 28-30, 2011 Seoul, Korea;

52. “Ma He Ma”- A booklet published at the first anniversary of my mother’s heavenly Abode., 2011, India

53. “ Urban Statistics for Post 2015 Development Agenda” in the IAOS conference on Official Statistics on Meeting the Demands of a Challenging World, 8-10 October 2014 Da Nang, Vietnam.

54. CLIMATE CHANGE, HUMAN HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT: On Building Ecological Civilization and Ecological Safety Pattern with Specific Reference to Himalaya and Ganga River in Chendu, China, July 2014

55. Urban Equity in Development-Cities for life: the Role of Parliamentarians at the seventh session of the World Urban Forum in Medellin, Columbia, Thursday, 08 April 2014

56. UN Interfaith Chamber Under the UN Peace council: Mission and Strategy for a Democratic, Effective and Responsible UN System: A proposal. Presented during the GPC 2014 in Prague.

57. “New urban Agenda and Statistics” during the 60th World Statistics Congress 2015 of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), 26-31 July 21015

58. VasudhaivaKutumbakam-Multi-Track Approaches to conflict Resolution for Promoting Peace in the Asia-Pacific Region” Vihangam Light, Jan 2017 issue

59. Presented a paper on Youth Vocational and Leadership Programme (YouthVal) in Raipur Chhattisgarh, India- in the plenary session 10 on “ Exploring the School to Work Transition among Urban Youth in Asia, Working together to Find a Solution.”,Asia Urban Youth Assembly in Conjunction with the 17th International Convention on Melaka Twin Cities 2017 on “ youth Roles towards New Urban Agenda-Taking Action for Innovative, Socially Minded, Green cities”, 25-28 March 2017.

60. “Indians in Kenya” (East Africa) in the conference on Abolition of Indenture ship Commemoration of Centenary organized by the Indian Council for International Cooperation (ARSP), New Delhi, 20-22 April 2017.

63.  Spirituality and Religion Interface, Published by Jnanada Prakashan, New Delhi ISBN 978-81-7139-965-9

64. Foreign Policies Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Published By Confederation of Indian Universities.